See below for pictures of aquariums we have moved! 


Aquarium Moving

Moving an aquarium can be stressful, not to mention a lot of working that requires expertise! Dallas Aquarium Kings has years of experience in aquarium re-location.

There can be many complications in aquarium moving...tight hallways and elevators, plumbing, re-set up of wifi connected equipment, and much more. Whether you are moving your aquarium to a new home, or buying an established one that needs installation, were here to help! 

What you can expect from us:

-Professional and experienced aquarium movers

-A fair price

-Prompt moving

-The right equipment

-Experts at plumbing

-Complete water testing

-Complete inspection of the livestock and filtration

-A 50% water change 

-A cleaner aquarium than before it was moved

-Little to no loss of livestock

​-Great advice on after moving care and maintenance

​Ready to have the professionals move your aquarium? Request your free aquarium re-location quote today!